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How Newport Beach Drivers Can Keep Bicyclists Safe

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Bicycle safety

Newport Beach has one of the most active biking communities in California. Whether commuting to work or cruising along the Back Bay, Newport Beach residents know how to make the most of that California sunshine.

The key to maintaining a healthy and active outdoor culture is the participation of car and truck drivers. If you frequently drive in Newport Beach, these guidelines can help you drive safely around bicyclists.

Motorists can help improve road safety

The Newport Beach city council provides several helpful guides on maintaining a healthy and safe biking culture. The city’s website has many resources that educate the public on different attractions in Newport Beach.

The city asks that motorists remember these following tips to help keep bikers safe:

  • Pass with care: Exercise patience when passing cyclists by slowing down to careful speeds. Only pass when it is safe and oncoming traffic is at a minimum.
  • Do not “door” cyclists: When parking on the side of a road, look carefully before opening your door. Quickly opening your door may strike a biker and send them into a busy road.
  • Double-check blind spots when turning: Cyclists are very vulnerable at intersections where a turning car may cut them off. Double-check your blind spots before turning and look specifically for a bicycles’ smaller profile.
  • Take care with horn use: Outside of a vehicle cabin, a car’s horn is quite loud. If you sound your horn close to a biker, it could easily startle them and cause them to lose their balance.
  • Make eye contact: The best way motorists can communicate with cyclists and pedestrians is by making direct eye contact. Facial expressions can communicate intent or even pose questions.
  • Stay out of the bike lane: Do not drive in the bike lane. If a required maneuver requires you to pass through a bike lane, take extra care to look for bikers first.

Injured on a bike? Get the attention you need

Those injured by a vehicle while riding their bike require close personal care and service to aid their recovery. Many victims find success in securing damages and restitution with help from a local attorney familiar with California’s motor vehicle laws.