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Why people often falsely confess to crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | DUI Defense

Those who have been detained by police in California are typically brought in for questioning. Though police have to follow certain rules and procedures when interviewing an alleged criminal, they are given some leeway when it comes to trying to get a suspect to confess. During these interviews, it may be tempting for the suspect to falsely confess to a crime.

Many people confess to crimes they don’t commit

Many people believe that they would never confess to a crime they didn’t commit. It does happen, however. According to the Innocence Project, an estimated 25% of people who have been exonerated of crimes based on DNA evidence falsely confessed to the crime.

A confession is considered somewhat of a clincher in the courtroom; after all, if a person confesses to the crime, the case should be open and shut. This is why some people see a confession in the same light as a conviction.

Why someone might falsely confess to a crime

There are many reasons why an individual might choose to confess to a crime. These reasons may include:

  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the interview
  • Feeling confused when the police lie about evidence they don’t have
  • Not knowing their rights for representation
  • Wanting the interrogation to be over
  • Trying to protect their loves ones from harm

Why representation is essential

Too many people who are interrogated by police aren’t aware of their rights. This is why it is critical to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to stop the police from overstepping their bounds during an interview and instruct their client on what and what not to say to prevent a false confession.