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Slip-and-fall injuries often occur at pools

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Personal Injury, Slip and Fall

It may have been some time since visiting public or private pools, or it may now be time when pool owners again invite guests. Pools are a great place for exercise, leisure and recreation, but it is wise to remember that the danger does not start when people enter the water and ends when they leave it.

Just about anyone can recall seeing or experiencing a fall near a pool. The typical causes for this are wet surfaces from people getting out of the water.

Owners have responsibilities

Those who manage a public pool or own a pool have a responsibility to keep guests reasonably safe:

  • Ensure that hard surfaces are designed for use even when wet.
  • Move obstacles like discarded belongings and chairs outside the flow of traffic.
  • Clearly mark permanent obstacles if they cannot be removed.
  • Install safety measures like railings on stairs and drains near the pool.
  • Employ simple commonsense house rules like no running or playing on a paved apron surrounding the pool.
  • Properly maintaining the pool area can help avoid accusations of negligence.

Injuries can be severe

Some may not view slip and fall injuries as serious, but they would be mistaken. Common injuries of a fall at a pool typically involve the head, spine, hip, wrists and ankles. While skinned knees are not a big issue, concussions, spinal damage, and broken bones can have severe and long-lasting effects.

An injury could mean a lawsuit if the individual or organization in charge of the pool is at fault, because they created the unsafe conditions, allowed the conditions to become unsafe, or did not take measures to eliminate the danger in a reasonable amount of time. Consulting with an experienced attorney can help you evaluate your case if you have been involved in a slip-and-fall.