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On Your Side
If You Are Injured or Accused of a Crime

A Dedicated Legal Team

Many people become frustrated with the legal system because it tends to be stacked against them. Whether they are dealing with a serious personal injury or a criminal accusation, they don’t feel like they have anyone on their side.

Ready to Serve You

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your legal concerns. From our law office in Newport Beach, our lawyers represent clients throughout Southern California, including Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorneys in Newport Beach, California

What Sets Us Apart?

Clear Communication
Tenacious Advocacy
Courtroom Experience
Clear Communication

We will sit down with you in order to understand your concerns and questions. We then will come up with an individualized plan specific to you.

Tenacious Advocacy

We pride ourselves on our ability to take on any obstacles that may come your way. We will fearlessly advocate on your behalf.

Courtroom Experience

As former public defenders, we have the knowledge needed to handle the most complex criminal and personal injury cases.

Attorneys Who Are on Your Side

Protecting the Injured & the Accused

A car accident, a fall or another serious accident can leave you with costly medical bills, a long and painful recovery, and the possibility of permanent impairment. Insurance companies will do almost anything to avoid paying you the fair compensation you are due.

We are experienced criminal law and personal injury trial lawyers who will protect your interests at every stage of the civil justice system. We will deal with the insurance company so you can concentrate on your health and your family.

The criminal justice system is supposed to presume that you are innocent. Unfortunately, it rarely works that way. Once you are accused of a crime, the system is geared to convict you. The police and the prosecutor are not on your side. Our attorneys are.

We defend people charged with all types of criminal and serious traffic offenses, including DUI, drug charges, domestic violence and assault charges. We know how damaging a criminal conviction can be to your life. We are attorneys who will always fight for you.